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We were happy with everything American Steel Buildings, Inc. did for us. Everything that was ordered arrived the same day, on time, and all was correct.

- Bernie Schrome

I have been doing business with American Steel Buildings, Inc. since around 1998. They have been with me as I have grown my storage business from 20 units to 600. They have always stood behind their crews and the one time or two in 7 years that something wasn’t done exactly like I had in mind, they sent the crew in a day or two all the way back to Texas to take care of it, or they promptly mailed me a check to take care of it. My background is in finance and investments. I view this business as an investment and if I knew then, what I know now – I would have been investing in metal buildings ten years earlier than I started. What a great business! I now consider myself an expert in the storage business and I am the largest storage provider in North Texas. When I started in 1998 with no experience or knowledge of metal buildings, American Steel Buildings, Inc. was a great partner to have.

- Michael McGahee

Terrific company, hope to do business again soon.

- Pete Arredondo

Thanks American Steel Buildings, Inc. – enjoy doing business with you. P.S. Like having doors, building and crew same time.

- Keith Wright

We are really satisfied with the great looking building you all put up. We get complements all the time. We want to thank you for all your help and services we received from American Steel Buildings, Inc. We will definitely get our next building from you.

- Mike and Redonna Anderson

Just wanted to keep you posted on the progress. They finished the east side of my building yesterday. Just wanted to keep you up to date, and to also let you know that I am very pleased with these guys work, and would recommend them to you for future jobs in Arkansas. I know that the next building I buy, I will ask for these guys.

- Marc Goins

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