Self-Storage Demand Expectations for self-storage performance in 2023 are more in line with the fourth quarter than the first nine months of 2022. The leasing season usually starts in April/May and ends in August/September, but last year, operators from...

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Who are we?


We specialize in the Self-Storage industry.  We know the self-storage business inside and out.  We can help with your project whether you need to add to your existing company or are just getting started.   If you are considering adding to your facility...

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We here at American Steel Buildings wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Prosporous New Year. If you are considering building a self-storage facility soon, you need to get your Spring Order in Now.

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Some Key Considerations in Building Your Self-Storage Complex


In climate-controlled buildings, insulation is very important to energy efficiency. This is especially true for heated spaces in very cold climates. Another challenge is condensation created by cooling humid air. Condensation must be piped outside the...

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Building A Self-Storage Facility


Building a Self-Storage Facility The cost to build a self-storage facility is less than it is to build office or retail space, hotels, or multi-family dwellings. In most cases, the cost of construction, including land, and soft costs (commissions, financing,...

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SITE SELECTION AND UNIT MIX   Finding Success Your Unit Mix   Determining the site layout and unit mix of a self-storage project is the most crucial decision. This decision will affect the initial lease-up of a facility which affects your bottom line....

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Climate Control


The Value of Climate Control. What it means to your business and your bottom line. It costs a little more to build, but the rewards far outweigh those costs. A museum was planning renovations as well as a large addition to its original building11, 11,000...

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