A New Career Opportunity


A New Career Opportunity for Retirees and Young entrepreneurs.   Retired folks aren't spending their free time puttering around the country in RVs or taking in 18 holes on the golf course. Rather, they're starting their own businesses.   When most people...

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Some Good Self-Storage Info.


Your customers are mainly seeking self-storage units. But according to Inside Self-Storage, they likely have other needs that could drive up the value of their rental—if you can meet them. Offering complementary products and services allows you to capture...

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SITE SELECTION AND UNIT MIX   Finding Success Your Unit Mix   Determining the site layout and unit mix of a self-storage project is the most crucial decision. This decision will affect the initial lease-up of a facility which affects your bottom line....

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Climate Control


The Value of Climate Control. What it means to your business and your bottom line. It costs a little more to build, but the rewards far outweigh those costs. A museum was planning renovations as well as a large addition to its original building11, 11,000...

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